10 facts about sex

10 facts about sex

10 facts about sex, The first vibrators appeared in 1883, and had a slightly different utility from what we know today. Its inventor, Doctor Joseph Mortimer Granville, had made them for a strictly medical purpose, in order to reduce hysteria in women in asylums.
An average man ejaculates more than 500 billion sperm in a lifetime. The amount depends on several factors, but during a single ejaculation, there can be between 20 and 150 million. Interesting fact: it is said that sperm is expelled at around 45 km / h! Admit that you will think about it when you go driving at this speed … 10 facts about sex
Antisex cereals
10 facts about sex: John Harvey Kellogg, the inventor of the cereals we know today, was an anti-masturbation activist. In fact, he was convinced that adding his cereal to breakfast would help lessen sexual thoughts and obsessions.

The condom in all its forms

The use of condoms dates back several millennia. He has come a long way to have the appearance of the one we know today. Several historical researches mention that a little before our era, the Romans made condoms from animal intestines. An idea that was also taken up in the 19th century. In 1844, a man called Goodyear produced rubber-based condoms, and in 1880, latex appeared. It was not until the 1930s that its use was really recognized.
Before 1960, homosexuality in Canada was considered a criminal act punishable by imprisonment. Before 1974, the manual of diagnoses of mental disorders (DSM) still considered homosexuality like being a mental illness.
It’s not to brag about it, but women have, on average, longer orgasms than men! 20 seconds of intensity versus only 6 for men. A well deserved 14 seconds …
Tough for the eyes
Some of you have probably experienced ejaculation, say, ill-aimed. You have probably noticed that it can be very painful to receive semen in the eyes. This discomfort is simply due to the fact that sperm contains salt and zinc, two elements that are not compatible with this part of the body.

After Love

10 facts about sex : According to a survey of the electronic products site fashionislandstore.com, it seems that 36% of people under the age of 35 prefer to consult social networks rather than stay bonded once sexual intercourse is over. This is probably why we are seeing more and more fashion like aftersexselfie ( selfie after sex).
Support our troops
During the Second World War, several soldiers contracted STBBIs, which cost the government billions of dollars in medical expenses. To remedy the situation, an awareness campaign was launched with a catchy slogan such as: “Don’t forget, put it on before you put it in. (Remember, put it on before you put it in.)
Orgasm, more effective than a Valium

According to several experts, during orgasm, the part of the brain devoted to fear and nervousness is completely put to sleep. It would even seem that orgasm is ten times greater than the effectiveness of a tranquilizer.

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