25 Romantic facts about love

Romantic facts about love


25 Romantic facts about love
25 Romantic facts about love

Romantic facts about love: Love is a topic in which people have the highest interest. How is love When is love Why is this love? Everyday millions of people search all these on the internet.

Did u know facts about love?

While hundreds of films have been made on love, there is a lot of difference between reel life and real life. Today we will tell you some special things related to love, love which you always wanted to know about love

25 Romantic facts about love

1. If you are thinking too much about someone, then that guaranteed person is also thinking about you.

2. Psychology says that the more you hide your filling, the more love will grow.

3. If you always want to see someone happy then it means that you have started loving him.

4. If you read his messages repeatedly, then 100% you have started loving him.

5. If a lover or girlfriend is with you then you start walking a little bit slowly.

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6. Couples who joke laughter with each other at least 10 minutes a day always have a good relationship

7. People who kiss their wife in the morning live at least 5 years more

8. A lover of your heart will never leave you alone no matter what the circumstances

9. Love acts like a cocaine addict on human mind

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10. Normal person falls in love with someone at least 7 times before marriage.

11. Boys do not take long to say “I love you” but girls take a lot of time to say “I love you”

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12. Men experience more pain than women after a breakup

13. If the girl turns down the proposal, then it hurts like a heart injury.

14. Holding the hand of a lover or girlfriend reduces fatigue and tension.

15. Kissing your wife in the morning, people who go to office are often rich.

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16. Hugging your lover works like a pen killer, it reduces your stress and tension

17. The work capacity of people falling in love decreases

18. As soon as you fall in love, you start falling apart from your friends

19. A man had created an online love search website named Match.com and later his own girlfriend left him because his girlfriend had also found a new boyfriend from the same website.

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20. On Valentine’s Day, many prisoners escape from jail to visit their girlfriends

21. Like humans, swans also live with the same life partner.

22. 90% of the boys are the first to say “I Love You”, the girl very rarely speaks “I Love You”

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23. Survey says people who cheat in love have very low IQ

24. Only 25% of love marriages are good, in 75% of the cases, divorce is done.

25. People between 18 and 20 years of age have more pain in breakup ..

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