Best time to make love morning or night

Best time to make love morning or night

Best time to make love morning or night
Best time to make love morning or night
Best time to make love morning or night, There are those “in the morning”, those who will answer you “everywhere all the time”, those who prefer to do it just before falling asleep to fall happy and fulfilled in the arms of Morpheus … In terms of sex, the clock turns at any speed Is there really a better time than another to make love? We believe that each hour has its small advantages…

Naughty morning

Even if the breath is not the freshest and the bodies are still asleep, the morning hugs have the merit of putting a good mood for the day (including if it is a Monday full of long meetings and stressful). To arrive with a smile hanging on your face, nothing like a part of the legs in the air – fast but playful – to start lighter. In addition, it seems that at 7:30 am, the male sex hormones are more released, while those of women have a high level of estrogen. So, if it’s scientific We’d be wrong to deprive ourselves of it!
Best time to make love morning or night Even better when: oily mat is in order … and when we hear the rain beating outside while we are both warming up.
Wild nap
After lunch, female and male desires would go together perfectly. This is a good reason to slip under the duvet. In question ? The hormones linked to stress are lower, and the feeling of well-being at its peak: a climate favorable to the desire for sex …
Even better when: you are on vacation, when you come back from the beach and the sun floods your room…
Sleek evening
Best time to make love morning or night: Sometimes the day and the accumulated fatigue overwhelm one or the other’s libido urges. Thus, it happens that we both end up collapsing on the sofa in front of a series rather than jumping on it … Yet it seems that women are in the midst of desire starting at 11:00 pm. Gentlemen, what if you turn off the computer?
Even better when: you light small candles, put on a sexy bodysuit, take out some toys…
Intense night
You are in full sleep when your partner is kissing you tenderly … Your senses wake up little by little and the two of you fall into a cuddle as tender as it is unexpected, suspended between two dreams …
Best time to make love morning or night: Even better when: you went to bed a little angry!
What if the best time was … when it is absolutely not planned? In a public place, an hour before an important meeting, by car to leave for the weekend … The excitement is then at its height. To make love when you are happy and you want to, there is no time!

Morning or evening: when is the best time to take a shower?

You may prefer to be boosted on waking or relaxed before going to sleep. Whether you shower in the morning or in the evening, these two cases have advantages…
Showering in the morning can help get rid of sleep inertia and get us started for the day, while showering in the evening can become a relaxation routine before bedtime. So which one to choose? And how can a shower be both energizing and relaxing? The answer to these questions is related to how our body temperature helps control circadian sleep rhythms.
An energizing or relaxing shower?
Our temperature begins to drop naturally in the evening, and throughout the night. A shower before bed briefly heats the skin and relaxes the muscles, then, after we dry it, the skin cools down quickly due to the evaporation of moisture. This cooling effect can facilitate falling asleep, recalls the Time website. The evening shower can also turn into a mental and physical relaxation ritual before going to bed, rather than sitting in front of a screen.
In addition, when we get out of bed in the morning, a shower helps to energize us. As the body turns on in the morning, the circadian rhythm will cause the temperature to rise. The shower will therefore have no soporific effect. But to help you choose, there are other things you can take into account.

Sticky creams and brittle hair

In winter, when the air humidity drops, dry skin can be a problem. To remedy this, you can apply a moisturizer after the shower. However, many products need time to be properly absorbed by the skin. To avoid the discomfort of putting on clothes on sticky skin, an evening shower may be more convenient.
Another major benefit of showering in the evening is for people who are sensitive to airborne allergens. When going out during the day, the body and the hair can accommodate all kinds of irritant allergens such as pollen or chemicals. Going to bed without eliminating these irritants can “contaminate” the bed and increase symptoms.
If you’re almost convinced, just be wary of one thing: going to bed with wet hair can break the hair cuticle and, over time, can damage your hair. Make sure you dry your hair well before bed. Ultimately, both options bring benefits. But for the well-being of the planet, it is better to choose, according to the rhythm of the day and your desires.
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