Birthday celebration quotes


Birthday celebration quotes

Birthday celebration quotes
Birthday celebration quotes
Birthday celebration quotes have become a tradition among us. Not only young children but teenagers and even adults celebrate his birthday. Now a birthday is not only celebrated by someone but a country’s birthday is also celebrated. However, does Islam teach the tradition of birthday celebrations?
Birthday celebration quotes for the birth of a person or a certain organization have never been ordered by the Prophet. Therefore, if done, it is not worth worship.
Quite a number of scholars disagree with the birthday celebration that is held every year. Of course they come with a strong argument and proof. Among the reasons for their rejection of the birthday celebration include:
1 A birthday if it becomes a necessity to be celebrated is considered a heresy. Because Rasulullah SAW had never ordered it, even though it was only hinted that he had never. So if a Muslim feels that celebrating his birthday as an obligation, he is included in the category of bid’ah.
2 In addition, we know exactly that the money celebration that year was imported from the West, which is not a Muslim. Whereas as Muslims, we actually have a much higher position. Not in its place as a Muslim nation, instead trailing the West in matters of order of life. It is as if the Western lifestyle and habits of the Muslims must inevitably be done by us. If so, in fact our souls have been colonized without us knowing.
The proof, their life style is ingrained in our brains, to the point that many of them are less comfortable if on their children’s birthdays do not celebrate. Even if it’s just

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Birthday celebration quotes


The Birthday celebration quotes:  tradition has absolutely no historical roots in Islam. Islam has never been taught to celebrate birthdays. If even then there are people who argue that by being reminded of the Prophet’s birthday, it becomes an argument that birthdays may also be in the Islamic view. Then this is an incorrect argument.
Rasulullah SAW himself never taught us through his hadith to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday. The birthday of the Prophet is not to be commemorated, but is tadzkirah, aka warning. What do you mean? If we read the Islamic date book, there is a note that Sultan Saladin al-Ayubi was very concerned about the condition of the Muslims at that time.
Where Palestinian land was seized by the European Crusaders. Sultan Saladin realized that this people were weak and did not dare to fight the forces of the European Crusaders who succeeded in controlling Palestine, because they had been hit by wahn disease (love the world and fear of death). They could do that because they ignored one of the teachings of Islam, namely jihad. Some of them were not even aware of the struggle of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

To make the Muslims aware of the importance of the struggle

Birthday celebration quotes
Birthday celebration quotes
Sultan Saladin initiated the idea, namely tadzkirah against the Prophet, which was then called whoever started it as the Prophet’s birthday. The ultimate goal is to reintroduce the struggle of the Prophet in developing Islam throughout the world. Long story short, the Muslims at that time were aware of their weaknesses and tried to get up. Finally,
the spirit of jihad flared up in the souls of the Muslims, and the Palestinian land returned to the bosom of Islam, of course after they defeated the European Crusaders. So the Prophet’s birthday is not an argument for allowing birthday parties.
A questioner once asked a great scholar known as Shaykh Muhammad bin Sholih Al-Utsaimin rahimahullah. The questioner said,
” Is Birthday celebration quotes, events for a kid considered tasyabbuh (loving oneself) with agnostic westerners or is it to satisfy the spirit and put euphoria in the hearts of the youngster and his family?”
Shaykh Muhammad bin Sholih Al-Utsaimin rahimahullah answered,
” Birthday celebration quotes, events won’t be isolated from two conditions. Either it is worship or it is habit. If it is worship, then it is a heresy (new groundless teachings) in the religion of Allah. “
It is indeed thabit (true) from the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wasallam that there is a warning of the danger of heresy and that he is misguided. He sallallaahu alayhi wasallam said,
Beware of the things you are making. Because, everything that was created is a heresy and in fact it is a heresy. Moderate error is in hell.


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