have a wonderful new year

have a wonderful new year

have a wonderful new year
have a wonderful new year

First things to be completed for have a wonderful new year

Glory, it’s a new year! What is this new year for you? To a great extent you determine how this year will be for you. What you do at the beginning of the year determines what you get at t

he end of it. This article encourages you to do the first things to enjoy a wonderful new year.

But first seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you
Prepare your outside work, make it fit for yourself in the field; And later build your house –
In any race, how you influence, how you run and end. Therefore this new year demands a great start for you to begin and successfully end it; choice is yours. Like, your wise preparation will be a fruitful year for you.
First things for the new year
1. Thank you
It is important to start the year by thanking God for bringing you in the new year and what he wants to do for you this year. It is a good thing to thank God. Truly, there are many things to thank God for, including your life and salvation. This is because many people started with you last year, but they are no more, and your relationship with the Lord not only determines what comes on earth for you but you will also spend eternity. Therefore, you need to thank God that you are not lost.

2. Spiritual Preparation

have a wonderful new year

Physical manifestations arise from spiritual activities in the spiritual realm. If you do not join them, your enemies, including the devil, will do so against you. You need to give yourself for word study and prayer, because you are a product of what is inside you. When you have more of God, you will behave like him and you will do the same. Therefore, to win you this year, you must partner with a lord who has never failed.

3. Seek the kingdom of God.

Demanding the kingdom of God guarantees that everything else is added to you. This is because everything is under God and when you please and desire him, he easily commands your desires to go to you. Also, nothing is impossible with God, so he will be looked for first.
4. Plan now
Quality time with God produces thoughts that will yield great fruits for you, because God wants you to succeed and the good things in life. Therefore, the next thing is to plan according to what you have received from the Lord. The Almighty will help you execute it by directing it but you must plan first.

5. Purse and no sag

If you are smiling at the end of this new year then the pursuit of vision is an important step. The ideas and plans executed are unprofitable and worthless to you. In addition, following your plans infuses your creativity ability and takes you closer to your desired end. Therefore, you should take action on your plans, no matter how short the time. And do not allow laxity in it, because it kills the vision.
6. Glorify God
When you pursue your plans, never forget to give glory to God for your every step or step. The Lord’s constant glory attracts more of his divine intervention and you know that you cannot go away without Christ. Therefore, it is not enough to begin with God; Continue and end with her to enjoy a wonderful year.

The conclusion

have a wonderful new year
This new year promises amazing things including success for you, but you must take steps to achieve them. Again, by doing the first things above you will have to overcome all the obstacles that the enemy will put before you, and will grant you your heart’s desires at the end of the year. However, you should hold on to God during the entire year. It will be very good for you in Jesus name.

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