history of valentine’s day

history of valentine’s day

history of valentine's day
history of valentine’s day

History of valentine’s day Every February 14, Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world , when love takes center stage and romantic scenes follow each other on the planet. Loversmake gifts to their partners, their loved one is asked to marry and social networks are full of love phrases and also memes about Valentine’s Day , some of them very imaginative and fun.
Despite the commercial fame of this celebration, the origin of Valentine’s Day comes from very old. Keep reading and we will tell you why Valentine’s Day is celebrated, on what date it is celebrated in different parts of the world and the customs associated with this day so relevant in the world calendar. History of valentine’s day

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

It is a religious holiday, or rather we can say that the church has appropriated it, since it is known by the name of a saint. And it is not just any saint, but one who revealed himself to power at the time and suffered the consequences for it. History of valentine’s day
History of valentine’s day It turns out that in 3rd century Rome Emperor Claudius II decided to ban young couples from marriages , considering that single people without families were better soldiers because they had no romantic ties or ties to their partners. Nor should we ignore the fact that at this time Christianity was banned in Rome.
A priest named Valentin considered this to be a mistake and decided to skip the order and secretly marry all young lovers who wanted to . When the emperor found out about this act of rebellion, he sentenced the priest Valentin to death on February 14, 270.
History of valentine’s day, Valentine is the patron saint of Lovers and for this reason Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14.
There are numerous legends around the History of valentine’s day, but they are only legends, so we do not know for sure if they happened. In fact, it is said that while the priest Valentin was in the dungeons awaiting his fatal destiny, he fell in love with a blind young woman who was also imprisoned and who carried out the miracle of being able to see before dying.
It is recorded that the first Valentine’s Day was celebrated on February 14, 494 . At first, the feast was official of the Catholic Church, until, in 1969, during the Second Vatican Council it was removed from the liturgical calendar.
History of valentine’s day, Today, the celebration of Valentine’s Day has become popular throughout the world, and has been used by the market to create all kinds of products for impulsive marketing.
In fact, as a curiosity we will cite the case of Spain, which began to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the middle of the 20th century and it is said that the promotion of this date was made by the department store chain Gallerias Preciosity to encourage the purchase of gifts. History of valentine’s day

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history of valentine's day
history of valentine’s day
As a curiosity we can say that the American businesswoman Esther Howland made it fashionable to give Valentine cards among lovers. He started selling them at the bookstore his father owned in Massachusetts. And they became so popular that this custom has even survived to this day. History of valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day in different parts of the world

Valentine’s Day is of European origin and in many countries in Europe it is known as International Valentine’s Day , as occurs in Spain, France or Belgium. However, not all countries celebrate Valentine’s Day on the same day or have the same customs. We will talk about some curiosities: History of valentine’s day,
  • In many parts of the world, such as Bolivia , Valentine’s Day is known as Day of Love and Friendship and is celebrated on September 21 , coinciding with the first day of spring when couples give each other flowers and cards. February 14 is not a day of celebration since it coincides with the invasion of Antofagasta that started the War of the Pacific.
  • In Brazil, Valentine’s Day or Wedding Day is celebrated on June 12, in memory of Saint Anthony of Padua. February is reserved exclusively for carnival.
  • In Central America it is celebrated on February 14, but it is known as Day of love and friendship or Day of affection and is focused more on friendship.
  • In Japan , Valentine’s Day is celebrated in 1958 promoted by a chocolate company, and the tradition is that women give chocolate to all men , including their coworkers, although they reserve the best chocolate for their partner. And a month later in March, men return the detail to women, on what is known as White Day , giving them white things, such as white chocolate or underwear of this color.

How can you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

History of valentine’s day, Each one has their traditions, but it is normal to celebrate it with your partner by going out to dinner, spending time together, sharing a bit of cinema watching a romantic movie, without forgetting to exchange a gift.
history of valentine's day
history of valentine’s day
If you don’t like the commercial part of Valentine’s Day, there are many things that can be done without spending money, such as doing a marathon of movies about Valentine’s Day, at home, or dedicating romantic phrases to your partner. History of valentine’s day,
If you do not have a partner, you can also celebrate friendship with your friends, or enjoy the humor of the memes that usually hang around on social networks about, History of valentine’s day.
Be that as it may, from here we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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