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National Youth Day celebrated:

National Youth Day This day was declared National Youth Day by the Indian government in 1984, and it has been celebrated in India every year since 1985. Every year on January 12th, India commemorates Swami Vivekananda’s birth

anniversary with National Youth Day.
Every year on January 12th, India commemorates the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, one of India’s greatest leaders and proponents of youth

empowerment. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa’s ardent disciple and a major force in the revival of Hinduism in India. Swami Vivekananda was born in Kolkata on January 12, 1863, and is regarded as one of the country’s greatest social leaders.

In colonial India, he advocated for national unification, and his most famous speech is the one he gave in Chicago in 1893. Yuva Diwas is also observed to encourage the country’s youth to strive to be better people and to live honourable lives that contribute to the country’s development.

National Youth Day celebrated:

Dr. BR Ambedkar was born in Jalandhar. National Youth Day was observed at the National Institute of Technology to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda,

a great Indian youth icon and social reformer whose ideology and values have the power to imbue and spread new energy and positivity in young minds.

The institution hosted a webinar on Swami Vivekananda’s ideas and teachings. The event’s chief guest was Prof Chander Shekhar, chairman of the Board of Governors at NIT Hamirpur.

The honourable guest of honour was Dr. Nagesh Thakur of HP University. Prof. LK Awasthi gave the opening speech, emphasising Swami Vivekananda’s role in the development of modern India and his strong influence.
on the youth of India “We should take a vow to understand and follow Swami Vivekananda’s path,” Prof Awasthi said. Prof Chander Shekhar also traced Swami Vivekananda’s past and invaluable contribution to awakening Indian youth,

advising students to be inspired by his values and philosophy. Dr. Nagesh Thakur encouraged the young trailblazers to pursue Swami Vivekananda’s direction because he believed in the power of youth to contribute to the inclusive growth of our country and the world.

The Literary and Debating Club held a debate competition on subjects related to the ideas and teachings of the great symbol of Indian youth, and the institute saw a large turn out.

MGN College of Education:

MGN College of Education’s Red Ribbon Club and NSS unit commemorated National Youth Day with the theme “Yuva-Utsah Naye Bharat Ka” to encourage youth participation in national growth.

On this day, Jasbir Kaur’s poems inspired young people to stand up to evils and become agents of social change. Vidhi’s video shed light on Swami Vivekananda’s life and encouraged young people to follow in his footsteps.

A song called “Mann Ki Taqat” was played at the end of the event to inspire the youth to fight for their country. Yoga and its Role in Physical and Mental Health is the topic of an online workshop.
There was also a gathering.

Kamal Aggarwal, president of the Bhartiya Yog Organisation, served as the resource individual and demonstrated various yoga poses.

Swami Vivekananda played a major role in reviving India’s reputation as a land of spirituality, according to Principal Neelu Jhanji, and his life inspired the youth to begin voicing and eventually achieving the changes they wanted.

She also encouraged people to practise the art of yoga, which combines physical and mental disciplines to create a balanced body and mind.

Dr Seema Rani, Dr Kiran Walia, Geetanjali Mittu, and Gaganpreet Kaur organised these activities. Ramneet Kaur was the event’s host. (National Youth Day)

Annual day celebrated virtually:

Apeejay School in Model Town held a virtual appreciation day called Resilience 2.0. Jagdish Raja, the Mayor of Jalandhar, was the special guest of honour. Assistant Commissioner Digvijay Chaudhary was the honoured guest.

The role was presided over by Aditya Berlia, co-promoter, APJ Stya, and the Svran party. The event was dedicated to humanity’s resilient spirit, which has

weathered the pandemic and is looking forward to a fresh start. Many mesmerising performances were featured at the festival, including classical dance,

diamonds in the sky, and seeds of happiness, a play by rhythms kindergarten. The event’s highlight was a play devoted to the armed forces called “Where Eagles Dare.”

In her annual report, Principal Sinia Sajith outlined the tremendous efforts made by the school faculty to provide education to the students. The event came to a close with a salute to Punjab’s Virasat.

Army Day celebrated:

On the occasion of Army Day, Eklavya School hosted a number of online events. Teachers informed students about the Indian Army and when it was established in primary school.

They were informed that the East India Company’s armies were known as the “British Indian Army,” which was later renamed the “National Army” after independence.

JK Gupta, the school’s chairman, said that this is a fantastic project by the school because it allows students to learn about the lives of our soldiers. The students’ work was praised by director Seema Handa, administrator Dimple Malhotra, and principal Arwinder Kaur.

National Youth Day history :

National Youth Day

This day was declared National Youth Day by the Indian government in 1984, and it has been celebrated in India every year since 1985.

The Government of India decided in 1984 to annually commemorate the birthday of great Swami Vivekananda, i.e. 12 January, as National Youth Day. ‘

The philosophy of Swamiji and the values for which he lived and worked could be a great source of inspiration for the Indian Youth Day,’ according to the Indian government.

Inspirational quotes by Swami Vivekananda:

1. Many of the universe’s forces are now ours. We are the ones who have placed our hands over our eyes and cried out that it is dark.

2. We are the result of our emotions, so be careful what you say. The importance of words is secondary. Thoughts are alive and well, and they fly fast.

3. Take one idea and run with it. Make the one idea your life – think about it, dream about it, and live it. Allow the idea to fill your brain, muscles, nerves, and every other part of your body, while leaving all other ideas alone. This is how you get ahead.


what memorial day means

4. Since oneness is the secret of all, all variations in this universe are of a degree, not a kind.

5. Money has some benefit if it enables an individual to do good to others; but, if it does not, it is simply a mass of evil, and the sooner it is eradicated, the better.

6. Those who put their heart and soul into something not only succeed at it, but they also know the ultimate truth—Brahman—through their immersion in it. God assists those who put their heart and soul into something.
Swami Vivekananda

republic day speech

7. Many of the universe’s forces are now ours. We are the ones who have placed our hands over our eyes and cried out, “It’s dark!” (Swami Vivekananda)

8. All searching is futile until we recognise the knowledge resides within us… Then we will know that the sun is rising and that the morning has arrived.

9. Astrology and all of these mystical phenomena are usually symptoms of a weakened mind; thus, as soon as they start to appear in our minds, we should consult a physician, eat well, and rest. (Swami Vivekananda)

10. The highest form of strength is to remain calm and stand on our own two feet. —Swami Vivekananda

11. A small group of heartfelt, genuine, and enthusiastic men and women can accomplish more in a year than a mob can in a century (Swami Vivekananda)

12. Many who complain about the smallest task that has been assigned to them will complain about everything. They would have a miserable life if they are always grumbling….

Those who do their job and put their shoulder to the wheel will see the sun, and they will be assigned higher and higher responsibilities. (Swami Vivekananda)

13. Any society’s greatest source of power is its belief in God. The day it abandons such confidence is the day humanity starts to perish. (Swami Vivekananda)

14. Feeling like Christ will make you a Christ; feeling like Buddha will make you a Buddha. It is feeling that gives life, power, and vitality to one’s life; without it, no amount of intellectual activity can bring one closer to God.

15. Be courageous, take courage, be proud of being an Indian, and boldly declare, “I am an Indian.” Take away my weakness, take away my unmanliness, and make me a man, because the Indian is my brother, my life, and the good of India is my good.(Swami Vivekananda)

16. Swami Vivekananda said, “Every man and woman tries to make the most of whatever power or advantage they have.”

17. Every work must go through these stages: mockery, resistance, and finally acceptance. Many who think ahead of their time would almost certainly be misunderstood.

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