How to forget someone you love

How to forget someone you love
How to forget someone you love

How to forget your ex

How to forget someone you love, Following my article ”  I am afraid that my ex will forget me “, I received many related messages in the theme I am addressing today: ”  I can’t forget my ex “

Here are two messages received on this subject. First of all that of Pinki:
Good evening Sonny, your article is useful for 1 year I endure I can’t overlook the dad of my 2 youngsters. I can not focus,. I still love him I can’t get him out of my head. He connects relationships, I am lost, I can no longer take care of children. “
And here is Paul’s message:
how to forget someone you loveGreat night Sonny, beyond any doubt numerous ladies and men who are dismissed pose themselves this inquiry, But how can we forget when we have loved a lot and don’t understand the breakup. By taking care of yourself, there are times when you disconnect from your past, but you cannot forget the person you loved. It is the nature of the human being who is like that and at times we have nostalgia and we make in his head small returns on his love past, then it goes, it’s difficult but that’s life which is like that. Thank you for your emails. Good end of the day, friendships ”
My answer in one sentence: we do not forget his ex.
We can still love them, even if this ex goes back to 15 years ago. Nothing unusual about that because they shared an intimate moment of life with us. Beautiful moments, less good, children in common sometimes.
We don’t forget them. However, they must be a thing of the past. how to forget someone you love
When I read the testimonies of Pinki and Paul, I see that the break has not been digested and accepted.
Their ex are still an integral part of their present. And this for several reasons which differ according to the situation.
For Paul, it is the feeling of having been abandoned and of not having understood the rupture.
For Pinki, it is the belief that she cannot live without the father of her children.
Let’s start with Paul. It evokes nostalgia. He thinks it’s normal to regret.
how to forget someone you love My opinion is that if you regret the past, it is that you have not accepted the break and that you are not satisfied with your present. So you remain stuck in your past waiting for something that will not come.
And you are probably forming a negative loop. This means that your nostalgia and your regrets prevent you from rebuilding yourself and from finding a beautiful and new Love.
If you meet new people you like, do you think they’ll want to go out with you? Probably not because they will feel that you are not ready for a new story.
It is of the order of the unconscious. And that’s what keeps you from moving forward and rebuilding yourself.
Regrets, nostalgia, it’s understandable if your breakup is recent. But this is not the case if this story is old.
At some point, you have to know how to free yourself from the past and decide to move forward.
As far as I’m concerned, I don’t regret any of my stories. There are some where I suffered a lot. and some where I have experienced moments of happiness.
But I have no regrets. Because my life, I build it in the present.
I am focused on what I will do today to be happy. I do not have the head in the past to cogitate, to ask myself questions, to try to understand why this or why that.
This leads to nothing.

How to forget your ex

How to forget your ex

How to forget your ex

There are many questions from my romantic past for which I have not been answered.
Well too bad. It’s like that. I will not spend my life in the past. I have a life to lead if I want to be happy.
I would even say “I need to carry on with my life to be glad,
Because yes, it takes willpower to move forward and to free oneself from the past. If I stay in nostalgia and regret, I will never be happy.
So I ask you the question “Do you want to be happy? Would you like to meet new accomplices and lure them in a characteristic and unconstrained manner? Do you want to live daily in joy? “
If that’s what you want, stop regretting your past. Stop waiting for answers that you will not be given. (Re) take yourself in hand.
The only thing that can keep you from regretting and moving forward is a lack of love for yourself associated with a lack of confidence in your abilities to overcome life’s difficulties.
Which brings me to Pinki’s story: She is not emotionally independent to the point of no longer managing to take care of her children.

His problem is not to forget his ex 

how to forget someone you love
How to forget your ex

How to forget your ex

Its problem is that it has completely forgotten itself to the point of no longer existing.
It is for this reason that she cannot move on to something else and that she is focused on the life and meetings of her ex (who has fun while she is depressed).
Pinki has a belief: that she cannot live without him and that she cannot be happy without him.
It’s wrong. Pinki can do it. She can be happy without him. But she wrongly thinks she can’t.
This is called a limiting belief. She is more than limiting, moreover, since her belief puts her health at risk, which will have a negative impact on her children.
If you think too much about your exes, it’s because you don’t think about yourself enough.
If you cannot overcome your breakups, it is because you have negative beliefs that limit you and that make you believe things that are false.
And the concern is that we live through our belief system, positive and negative.
And when you manage to identify your negative beliefs, to understand them, to identify their origins, you can gradually transform them into positive beliefs.
But for that, you have to stop looking at the side of your ex. And instead, do personal work to free yourself from those beliefs that ruin your daily life.
As far as I’m concerned, my first big breakups devastated me. Nothing unusual so far.
When I broke up, I could say, “Come back with me.” I love you, I cannot live without you ”.
I said things that were wrong. But I believed in it at the time.
It took me a while to understand that these were the stories I was telling myself.
It took me a while to understand that these ruptures were a simple stage in my love life and that I had many beautiful things to live in my daily life if I put awareness and attention into them.
It took me a while to understand that in the end, I had only 2 possible choices:
1) I could choose to be a man who regrets and who is depressed -> blocked, unhappy and focused in the past
2) where I could choose to be a man who takes care of him, who advances, who improves and who progresses until being autonomous and responsible for his life > focused on the present to build my happiness.
You already know what was my choice.
I don’t regret my past, not even the bad times. It’s from the past.
Slaps, we all take it in life. All.
But today is the present. Everything is to (re) build.
We are all screenwriters. It is we who write the scenario of our lives.
What story do you want to tell yourself today?
The story of an unhappy man or woman who is unable to live without his ex?

Or the

how to forget someone you love

story of a man or a woman who takes charge and moves to live beautiful moments?

I don’t believe in fate. I believe in our choices in the present that determine our life in the future.
How easy is it to get around? No. We are always afraid to take control of our lives. To make decisions. To be autonomous.

But everyone can do it with the right advice and the right approach.

I can’t forget my ex

Deciding for your life is less easy than when you are in a relationship and let yourself be lulled by the rhythm and decisions of the other …
Until he leaves us at least.
I know men and women who live in regret until their last day. Do you wish?
Today, I suggest that you stop living in the past and take a new path.
A path that will lead you to be a
Fulfilled and positive person, even in difficult times.
A path that will allow you to discover the beautiful person that you are (and that you have not yet fully appreciated).
A path that will allow you to identify and transform your negative beliefs into positive thoughts.

A path to unconditional love.

how to forget someone you love
And at the end of the road, happiness in love. But not just any love. A benevolent and respectful love.
A love made of envy on a daily basis and not a love made of fear and need.
And once you set foot on this path, nothing will ever be the same again.
This training will change your life.
But for that, you have to make a choice. The choice I made in the past to become the person I am today.
This decision is yours: Do you REALLY want to change your life?
Or do you prefer to keep saying that you want to be happy without ever moving and never giving yourself the means?
You are the writers of your life.
I let you write the rest of your story 
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