I miss my ex girlfriend

I miss my ex girlfriend
I miss my ex girlfriend
It is a feeling that comes back frequently after a break from which we have not yet recovered.
It is also no coincidence that a love story has several ruptures.
It is difficult to forget your ex, to give up, to tell yourself that everything is over and that there is no hope.
First of all, it’s normal that you miss your ex. It is not easy to forget someone you liked even if you drooled over it and the relationship ended badly.
Sometimes we even wonder if it’s not worse to leave on good terms because we have nothing to blame our ex!
In short, what if you I miss my ex girlfriend
You don’t have 50 options: you will either decide to call him, or you will hold back.
You have an interest in making the right choice and I will help you.

I miss my ex girlfriend: should I call him?

I miss my ex girlfriend
I miss my ex girlfriend
Do you need to call back a missing ex ?
First of all, why do you want to remember it?
Just to talk to her? Innocently… really? Or is it an excuse to get it back?
There’s nothing trivial about calling your ex. if you try to forget it, it will ruin all the efforts you had made so far to forget it. 
This will prevent you from moving forward.
In the short term, what is the impact of this call?
There are 2 possibilities: of I miss my ex girlfriend
1.    Your call makes him happy. He (or she) is glad you called him. In short, it will do you good.
2.    Your call doesn’t make him hot or cold. He talks to you quickly, he doesn’t have time. 
Or worse, he announces that he is with someone. It will depress you.
If there are things that can hurt you as you start to recover from the breakup, you should avoid calling him,
especially if you don’t really want to go back with him.
In the long term, and even if your call goes well, what will happen? You can’t forget it. 
He may call you back the following week and take you by the wire in a relationship that never had a future.
But it’s so easy to fall for a story from the past that has no future…
We always come back to this dilemma of the short and long term choices that oppose each other.
Example: I want to lose weight in the long term but I eat Nutella because it makes me happy in the short term.
In the short term, it does us good because we satisfy a desire.
In the long term, this is a bad idea because it goes against what you want or the best decision to make.

I miss him but I don’t want to come back with him

I miss my ex girlfriend: So let me be clear: if you miss him, if you really want to forget him, if you know it won’t work with him,
if you know you might be hurt by calling him, don’t call him don’t and don’t try to see it again.
If you have made your ex suffer in the past, you do not plan to come back with him but you call him to verify that he still loves you, be nice: do not call him.
It was a technique from one of my ex and great love story. She called me every year to remind me, air of nothing, just to check if I answered present.
I missed her. I never called him. On the other hand, I was unable to resist him because I was still in love.
Sometimes we went out together, sometimes not, but there was always this permanent link that prevented me from moving forward. 
If she had been less selfish, she would have given me time to rebuild myself.
So don’t be selfish. Your call will prevent it from moving forward and rebuilding itself.

I miss him and I want to come back with him

I miss my ex girlfriend
I miss my ex girlfriend
On the other hand, if you miss it, that you think it can work between the two of you (but don’t lie to yourself …), and that you want to recover it,
then it is possible under certain conditions.
Let me explain: some coaches recommend I miss my ex girlfriend
Not telling someone to get it back is not my favorite technique,
but if that’s what you want, then you shouldn’t call them and wait for them to contact you.
If you don’t feel like doing radio silence calculations, then call it.
In this case, you have 3 options: for I miss my ex girlfriend
1.    Find a pretext to take news and tater the ground, the air of nothing
2.    Tell him you are calling him because you are thinking about him, and see how he reacts
3.    Tell him clearly that you want to come back with him
The first option is the most diverted and the last is the most direct.
Use the method that seems most suitable for your story and the context of your breakup.
But whatever your approach, if you want to get it back, don’t do it with pity.
We don’t come back with someone who is pitiful, we come back with someone who makes us want!

I miss my ex girlfriend: should I get it back or forget it?

In fact, you are missing it but you do not know if you should recover it or forget it.
You should not think short term but long term.
Coming back with your ex knowing full well that it won’t work is not going to help you or your ex move forward in life.
It may do you good in the short term but will immerse you in a new rupture in the medium term.
I know it’s hard to resist. I have known this dilemma on several occasions and it took me several breaks to understand that it was no longer necessary to return.
As I told you before, I came back even though I knew that history was doomed to failure.
We know deep down that history will not work. So I ask you: don’t lie to yourself.
You should try to get your ex back if you think you can really stick it together and think with conviction.
But don’t forget that it takes two to make a relationship.
What does your ex think about it? Does he love you?
Does he want to make a living with you or is he an eternal undecided?
You should not look at the situation from your point of view alone.
I have helped many people who have all told me, “I’m sure it can work.” Of course, we want to believe it, we cling to all hopes.
We believe it can work because we want it to work.
The problem is that we do not take into account the other half of the couple, the feelings and the envy of our ex.
You may be 200% fully in your relationship, if your boyfriend or girlfriend does not love you or does not want to be with you, it will not work.
You should be aware of all of these when choosing to recover or forget your ex.
I hope that you will have clearer ideas and that you will make the best decision for yourself but also for your ex.


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