independence day speech

independence day speech

independence day speech
independence day speech

independence day speech: We’ve prepared a lengthy Independence Day speech for you.

These speeches will be beneficial to children and students in schools and colleges, as well as teachers who present an Independence Day speech to an audience at their educational institutions. Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 will benefit from a short Independence Day Speech for Kids. Students in grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 will benefit from a long Independence Day speech for kids.

For Kids And Students, Long And Short Independence Day Speeches in English:

Hello and good morning.

Welcome to our school’s Independence Day celebration.
On this day of national celebration, we should all be proud to be Indians. India is a sovereign nation that allows us to exercise all of our rights, including the right to education and the right to free expression.
We were ruled by the British government for about 200 years.

They treated us like slaves, tortured us, and squandered our money and property. After all of the difficulties, Indians battled for their rights and freedom with the support of our independence fighters.
India gained independence from British domination about 73 years ago, on August 15, 1947. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru raised India’s flag for the first time on the Red Fort. Since then,

India has commemorated Independence Day all around the country.
India used to be rich in resources. We were mineral-rich, and India was famed for having the world’s largest spice market. These factors drew the British government to take India and use all of its resources for their own ends, as influencing Indians was a simple operation at the time.

The country came under British authority as a result of the adoption of many programmes. They began tormenting us and forcing us to become their slaves. They fostered tensions among Indians by using a divide-and-rule tactic.
Few well-known independence fighters emerged as leaders, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, and Jawaharlal Nehru, to engage and inspire everyone to fight for their rights and make all the sacrifices.

Following that, every Indian actively joined in the freedom movements in order to achieve independence.
We gained many benefits as a result of our independence, including all of our rights to freedom, speech, and education, among others. Gaining independence from British authority would have been impossible without our freedom fighters.

It was a lovely gift of Independent India from our martyrs to us. As a result, it is now our job to appreciate independence by performing pure deeds such as cleaning, keeping our surroundings clean, assisting those in need, and according to all of our constitution’s rules and laws.

To make the day memorably, schools, universities, education institutions, the government, and private groups host a variety of cultural events. Our major goal for the day is to honour the important contributions of our freedom warriors who gave their all for us to create our country a sovereign nation.
Every year, our country’s armies stage parade’s to demonstrate India’s superpower status to the rest of the globe. We also pay our Respect’s to our army, which is still depending us against threads from across India’s border’s.
Finally, I’d want to state that the youthful generation is the country’s future. India may achieve more success in the future if young people contribute their abilities and efforts to the country.

We must appreciate the value of patriotism and the significance of our country’s Independence Day. We can strengthen our nation for a bright future by working together in unity.

Director’s speech on Independence Day:

independence day speech
independence day speech

Dear friends!
My best wishes on the 69th anniversary of our country’s independence.

Almost no one here is likely to have awoken on the 15th of August 1947 in the middle of the night to hear India’s tryst with destiny. We are born in a free nation and hence have no experience with the humiliation of being ruled by a foreign force. When we are gone from the nation, however, we see that non-resident Indians celebrate Independence Day with greater zeal than those who live here. It’s likely that such feelings are fueled by a sense of belonging as Indians.
The fact that we are an independent country with sovereign control over our own future places a great deal of responsibility on our shoulders. We, particularly the elite on this campus,

bear a twofold obligation, compared to the average citizen, to devote our services and lives to the advancement of the country.

This is because we are paid enormous sums in the hopes that the institution’s results would propel the country ahead. A village elementary school might have been built with the money spent on each kid here.
The amount of money spent on each faculty member might have funded a modest secondary school. Despite its limited resources, the nation spent such a large quantity of common man’s money in the hopes that such institutions would contribute to the nation’s growth,

which would benefit the people of this country. So, before we point fingers at anyone for the country’s problems, remember that every time we point a finger at someone,

three more fingers on the same hand point in the other direction. If we do not commit ourselves to the service of this nation, we will be failing in our duty as citizens of an independent nation. Taking strides in this direction might result in IIT Ropar being a remarkable institution committed to the nation’s service.
Who is capable of doing this task? This university’s students, teachers, and staff should take the lead and consider how they may give back to the country by providing the greatest services to this university. Yes, we all have personal goals for advancement in our careers, but let us do so while remembering our national obligations. Today,

the entire world is watching this country. The greatness of India’s wonderful tale is that it is gaining world recognition while following a democratic route. It’s always more tough in this situation.
It is a more difficult way to achieve growth, but it is unquestionably a more sustainable approach if we do not ignore voices of concern when preparing our growth strategy.
The nation’s founding fathers,

as well as the innumerable freedom warriors who lost their lives for the country, desired independence and happiness for the country. Over the previous seven decades, India has progressed toward its goal of becoming a worldwide power. However, in today’s competitive world,

a nation’s ability to advance depends on its scientific and technological prowess. We can make a difference here. Even if everyone of us chooses to focus on a single societal issue,

we will realise that we are making significant contributions to the nation and to this Institute. Let us make a commitment to do so and propel this county to the top of the committee of countries.
Let us pay tribute to those who battled for the country’s independence today, and commit ourselves to serving our wonderful nation.
Jai hind,

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Short Independence Day Speech for Kids 150 Words In English:

Happy Independence Day to all.
It’s a lovely morning, and everyone’s heart is full with patriotism. However, India was not an independent nation until 73 years ago, and it was ruled by the British government.
Indians were tormented, kidnapped, and sold as slaves.
The indignation of Indians prompted the rise of certain independence fighters who felt compelled to educate Indians about their country’s situation.

They enlisted Indians in liberation fights and activities until they were granted independence.
To obtain independence, freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi participated in a variety of liberation activities, including the salt march, the non-cooperation movement, and civil disobedience.
Finally, on August 15, 1947, we gained our independence from the British government. This is a special day because it reminds us of the great sacrifices made by our martyrs. We must retain our unity in order to strengthen our country.

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