50 Interesting Facts About Christmas and information

50 Interesting Facts About Christmas and information

50 Interesting Facts About Christmas and information
50 Interesting Facts About Christmas and information

Interesting Fact About Christmas– The word Christmas originated from the word Christ Mass and it is believed that the first Christmas Day was celebrated in Rome in 336 AD.

Interesting Facts About Christmas

People of Christianity celebrate this festival as the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. This festival celebrated on 25 December is the biggest festival of Christians, just like Deepavali of Hinduism and Eid of Muslim religion.

Interesting Facts About Christmas

Christmas is a Christian feast commemorating Jesus’ birth. Christmas is a very new term in English, meaning “mass on Christ’s day.” Yule may have originated from the Germanic jl or the Anglo-Saxon gel, which both referred to the winter solstice feast. Navidad in Spanish, Natale in Italian, and Noel in French are all likely to mean nativity in other languages. Weihnachten is a German term that means “holy night.” Christmas has also become a secular family festival, observed by Christians and non-Christians alike since the early twentieth century, free of Christian themes and marked by an increasingly lavish gift exchange. In this secular Christmas celebration, a mythical figure named Santa Claus plays the pivotal role.

50 Interesting Facts About Christmas

1. Until 1836 it was illegal to celebrate Christmas in America.

2. Every Christmas 1 lakh letters are sent to Santa Claus.

3. Every year around 200 Christmas trees are burnt in the US.

4. New Zealand prohibits all types of advertising on Christmas.

5. The world’s first plastic Christmas tree was made by the company making toilet brushes.

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6. British people speak Happy Christmas because Mary Christmas means intoxication.

7. There was a cease-fire between Germany and England during Christmas in 1914 during World War I.

8. For the last 40 years since 1918, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia sends a huge Christmas tree to the city of Boston, USA, every year on Christmas.

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9. This huge Christmas tree does to thank Boston for help at the time of the Halifax explosion tragedy.

Interesting Facts About Christmas

10. The Norwegian presents a huge Christmas tree to the people of London, called Trafalgar Square, to express their gratitude for help during World War II.

 50 Interesting Facts About Christmas

11. Japanese people like to eat KFC at Christmas. This is the result of KFC’s marketing of forty years ago. Christmas orders have to be booked 2 months in advance.

12. The Christmas purchase is one-sixth of the total annual purchases made in the United States.

13. The “Christmas tree” that is planted on Christmas is donated to many zoos that are fed to animals.

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14. Saint Nicholas, in whose name Santa-Claus’s best-known and children’s favorite character is in practice today, was previously portrayed as a strict or strict individual of the rules of law.

15. All letters written to Santa Claus in the United States are sent to Santa Claus, Indiana.

Interesting Facts About Christmas

16. Letters sent to Santa Claus, North Pole in Canada, are sent to people belonging to a voluntary group who will read and respond to these letters.

17. In a village in Peru on Christmas day, the old quarrels are settled by a duel war or face-to-face battle, and the mutilation is corrected.

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18. Children and elders participate in this quarrel on Christmas day. By doing this, he wants to start the new year afresh.

19. Until the last century, there was a practice of telling scary stories and stories of ghosts on the eve of Christmas, which is now extinct.

20. American songwriter and singer Irving Berlin’s song “White Christmas” is considered the best selling solo song ever.

Interesting Facts About Christmas

21. Over 100 million copies of Irving Berlin’s song “White Christmas” have been sold.

22. On Christmas day, the inhabitants of New Found Land, Ireland, roam from house to house in disguise of mummers and the hosts try to identify them.

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23. English writer and singer Sir James Paul McCartney earns almost half a million dollars every year from his Christmas songs.

Interesting Facts About Christmas

24. Many people consider this song by Sir James Paul McCartney to be their worst song.

25. Since 1960, it is customary to watch Donald Duck cartoons on Christmas Eve in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden etc.

26. Due to the appeal of the Colombian government on Christmas day, 331 terrorists pledged to give up arms and live a normal life, and the Colombian government also won the award for Best Strategic Marketing Excellence.

27. All popular Christmas songs, such as ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Chestnut Roasting’, and I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, have been composed by Jews.

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28. Christmas festival is celebrated every year on 25 December in all world.

29. This festival of Christmas is celebrated on 6 January in the Armenian Apostolic Church.

30. Christmas is one such festival, which is a holiday almost all over the world.

31. Christmas Day marks the beginning of the 12 day Christmas Tide festival.

32. Christmas is also known as big day.

33. Many countries Christmas is also known as St. Stephens Day or Feast of St. Stephens.

Interesting Facts About Christmas and information

34. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

35. Jesus Christ was born 7 to 2 AD. E happened.

36. Jesus Christ was the originator of Christianity, so people of all Christian faith celebrate it with great pomp.

37. People read and follow the teachings of Christ on Christmas day.

38. Christmas celebrations begin in European countries from December 24.

39. 12 days after Christmas, i.e. till the evening of January 5, all the things of Christmas are covered.

40. Christmas is also celebrated as a cultural festival by non-Christians.

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41. In the UK and Commonwealth countries, the next day of Christmas i.e. 26 December is celebrated as Boxing Day.

42. Santa Claus is very important at Christmas.

43. Christmas cannot be imagined at Christmas without Santa Claus.

44. Children remember Santa Claus on Christmas day as well

45. The British played a major role in making Christmas famous outside the western countries.

46. ​​During the British rule, Christianity was greatly promoted in the world.

47. On the occasion of Christmas, there are ceremonies and decorations in the church and people give gifts to each other.

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48. On Christmas, the Christmas tree is decorated with colorful lights.

49. Regarding Santa Claus, there is a belief that in the fourth century Saint Nicholas who was the bishop of the city of Meera, Turkey.

50. Some people come as fake Santa Claus on Christmas night and give gifts to children.

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