international women’s day quotation

international women’s day quotation

international women's day quotation
international women’s day quotation
international women’s day quotation is celebrated on March 8 , a day to fight for equality, participation and empowerment of women in all areas of society. It is celebrated in many countries of the world. In some of these countries it is a national holiday.
We tell you in this article how you can celebrate it, being part of the worldwide 8M movement , why it is celebrated and how you can help achieve the objectives of this important day.
The power that an overall ladies’ development accomplishes rises above outskirts, social, monetary, ideological and different contrasts. United women have the power to change the world and achieve equality in all areas of society. For this reason, we want to contribute with this article to knowledge about international women’s day quotation.
From here we invite you to celebrate International Women’s Day , whether you are a woman or a man, to achieve a fairer, more peaceful and more sustainable society, because women can achieve that and everything they set out to women’s day quotation
There are many ways to contribute. Take part in the Women’s Day challenge , share on social networks the name of a street in your city that bears the name of a woman, or make visible the story of a woman who has achieved a major challenge. Celebrate it and share your ideas and experiences with the hashtag #asifa1699
international women’s day quotation!
Why is International Women’s Day celebrated?
international women’s day quotation If there is a group that knows about struggle, that group is women. You just have to look back to see what women have achieved in just 100 years, what has been achieved. But there is still a long way to go. international women’s day quotation
The 8M movement grows stronger each year and knows itself to be powerful, just like each of the individual women who make it up. Groups, associations, foundations, NGOs and women in general continue to fight every year to end harassment, murder of women, gender violence, wage gap and inequalities in all its women’s day quotation
Many men also join the cause, because gender equality benefits the entire society. Because the destiny of men and women is united.

Until successful sexual orientation fairness is accomplished, International Women’s Day will keep on being praised . international women’s day quotation

Origin and chronology of International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day was issued by the UN in 1975 but held much earlier. Below, we show you the chronology and history of the 8M, an unstoppable fight with more than a hundred years of history. of international women’s day quotation
At the beginning of this chronology, women claimed basic rights such as being able to vote in elections, the right to occupy positions of responsibility in politics and in society in general, the right to work, to be able to women’s day quotation
Already today, International Women’s Day is used to claim these basic rights in less developed countries, and other more advanced rights in developed countries. All this to reach an effective equality with man.

This is the chronology of InternationalWomen’s Day in the world: international women’s day quotation

1909 : National Women’s Day is celebrated in the United States, and continues until 1913, coinciding with the last Sunday of February.
1910 : The Socialist International meets in Copenhagen and proclaims International Women’s Day to help achieve universal women’s suffrage and other advances. At the suggestion of Clara Zetkin, the date of March 8 was established to celebrate this day for the first time, although it was not said when the celebration would women’s day quotation
Also in 1910, in Spain, from March 8, 1910, women were able to access Higher Education on equal terms with men.
1911 : As a result of the Copenhagen meeting of the previous year, International Women’s Day is celebrated for the first time in part of Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. It is celebrated on March 19. And they ask for the right to vote, the right to hold public office on the part of women, to vocational training and to work. In short, basic improvements.
international women's day quotation
international women’s day quotation


On March 25, 1911, a tragic fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York, where 123 women and 23 men died for failing to leave the building. This fact had a great impact on American labor law and in subsequent celebrations of International Women’s Day.
1913 and 1914 : Russian women celebrate International Women’s Day for the first time in late February 1913, as a movement for peace, just before World War I broke out. In Europe, International Women’s Day is celebrated for the first time on March 8, 1914, holding anti-war rallies.
1917 : More than two million Russian soldiers had died in the war, there was a great famine, and Russian women demonstrated again on the last Sunday in February to ask for “bread and peace”. These women’s protests were part of the revolts that would end the monarchy in Russia. international women’s day quotation
The tsar abdicated and the provisional government granted women the right to vote on a historic Sunday.
1975 : International Year of Women . The UN promulgates March 8 as International Women’s Day and celebrates it for the first time on an official level.
1994 : Although International Women’s Day was already celebrated all over the world, this was not the case in the USA. In 1994, Polish actress Beata Po? Niak asked the United States Congress for recognition of International Women’s Day.
1995 : The Beijing Declaration is signed by 189 governments, a roadmap to achieve women’s rights.
2011 : International Women’s Day turns 100 . UN Women , a UN entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, comes into operation .
2015 : 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Objective 5: Achieve sexual orientation uniformity and engage all ladies and young ladies; international women’s day quotation
International Women’s Day theme for 2020
Every year a theme is chosen for the celebration of this day.
The theme for 2020 is: ” I am from the Equality Generation: For the rights of women .” This campaign known as ” Generación Igualdad ” aims to mobilize people of all genders, races, ethnicities, religions and countries to fight for equality, end gender violence and achieve economic equality.
You want to achieve sexual and reproductive health for all people, autonomy over everyone’s body. Nor should we forget feminist leadership, technology and innovation for women, feminist actions for climate justice.
This International Women’s Day, join the #asifa1699 and be part of the movement.
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International Women’s Day themes from previous years
We share the themes of previous years:
  • 2019: Let’s think about equality, let’s build with intelligence, let’s innovate for change.
  • 2018: This is the ideal opportunity: country and urban activists change ladies’ lives.
  • 2017: Women in a changing world of work: towards a 50-50 planet in 2030.
  • 2016: For a 50-50 Planet in 2030: Let’s take the step for gender equality.
  • 2015: Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Imagine It!
  • 2014: Equality for women: progress for everyone.
  • 2013: A promise is a promise: Let’s end violence against women.
  • 2012: Empowering rural women: ending hunger and poverty.
  • 2011: Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Path to decent work for women.
  • 2010: Equivalent rights, equivalent chances: progress for all.
  • 2009: Ladies and men joined to end brutality against ladies and young ladies.
  • 2008: Invest in women and girls.
  • 2007: End impunity for violence against women and girls.
  • 2006: Women and decision-making: facing challenges and generating change.
  • 2005: Sex correspondence past 2005: building an increasingly secure future.
  • 2004: Women and HIV / AIDS.
  • 2003: Sexual orientation uniformity and the Millennium Development Goals.
  • 2002: The current situation of Afghan women: realities and opportunities.
  • 2001: Women’s Rights and International Peace.
  • 2000: Women uniting for peace.

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