Learn English to find love

Learn English to find love


Learning English can change your life!
Learn English to find love
Learn English to find love
Learn English to find love, Your personal life, your love life and your professional life.
In this article, I give you all the reasons why you should learn English or improve your English.

The importance of English in our relationships

With the development of air transport and international tourism, we are led to travel further and further.
We are therefore led to meet more and more potential partners from other countries than ours.
You may have to speak in a foreign language such as English:
·         in an evening with friends who invited foreign friends visiting Paris
·         as part of an Erasmus exchange during your studies,
·         during your holidays abroad
As far as I’m concerned, I live in Paris and I often meet friends of my friends who are American, German, Brazilian, Spanish, etc.
Learn English to find love
I speak English, Italian and a little Spanish. So I can communicate quite easily.
But if you only had to remember one language to exchange, it is English because it is the most used in conversations.
If you find yourself in a meetup with an American, an Italian, a Spanish. English will be used to communicate.
The first advantage of speaking English is therefore to be able to communicate with foreign people. 
Which naturally brings us to romantic relationships…

Learn English to find love?

Imagine that you find yourself in an evening where there are foreigners, whether they are English, German, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese …
You are a small group to discuss. You have friends who speak fluent English. You exchange within this small group.
If you speak fluent English, you will exchange with them, get to know each other, sympathize. Maybe even you will,
as the evening goes by, isolate yourself with this beautiful Australian who you like.
But whatever happens, you are going to have a good evening. Because you will have met new people,
sympathized with them, taken pleasure in communicating in a foreign language,
You may have learned some interesting new things about the culture of their countries. In short,
you had a good time and you are satisfied with the evening.
Take the opposite example: you speak little or no English. What will your evening look like?
For starters, there are many things that you will not have understood, jokes, cultural references,…
In addition, you will not dare to speak because you will be afraid that your friends will laugh at your accent
(While foreigners adore our accent franchouillard which they find charming).
Or else you will not dare to speak for fear of making mistakes and being judged. The usual fear of the gaze of others.
In the end, you will be frustrated, you will not have succeeded in communicating. You may even be envious of your friends who had a good evening while you were bored. 
This may comfort you in a negative thought about your inability to speak a foreign language.
The handsome Australian could leave the evening thinking that you were boring because you didn’t speak.
It’s a shame because you are probably a very interesting and humorous person. But he will never know…
In summary, if you speak English fluently, you can create opportunities for romantic relationships.
Can’t seem to find love with those around you? 
You can find love with someone from another country who speaks another language. And maybe even go and live later in his country.
Which brings us to the third advantage of speaking English.
Learn English to find love

Take English lessons to settle abroad?

If you are fluent in a language like English, you will be able to perpetuate your love story by going to live in the country of your lover.
Or you can claim a job open abroad that makes you dream so much. Around me I have many examples of friends who have fulfilled their dreams and desires. Here are a few examples.
I have a friend who left for a year on LIFE in New York. She had a great time there.
I have another friend who went to live in Hong Kong for 3 years. There he met his current wife with whom he had 2 children. 
He then returned to France to settle with his family.
And I have another friend who requested a transfer to a subsidiary of his company in Miami. 
He also found love with a Colombian girl there. At the beginning, he exchanged in English with her. 
Then he learned Spanish because he wanted to be able to communicate with his beautiful family.
He lives in the sun with his family and when I call him in January and I freeze in Paris,
he tells me that he has lunch on the terrace in the sun by the sea. Sometimes I hate him 😉
I gave you 3 examples of situations that could never have happened if my friends had not spoken English.
In summary, we find it increasingly difficult to find love. To speak English fluently is to open up to romantic and professional opportunities abroad.
Besides, maybe you are not happy in your city or country because it does not suit you. Maybe you would be happier in Australia, Canada, or Spain?
Imagine that you work in an international company, you could have the opportunity to ask to expatriate temporarily in a country which makes you dream.
But you have even more to gain by speaking a foreign language fluently like English.

Improve your English to have self-confidence

If you speak little or no language like English, there is another advantage to taking English lessons online or with a teacher to improve yourself.
Learn English to find love
This advantage is that you can give yourself a goal to prove that you can. 
So be proud of your progress and discover that you are able to achieve certain things that you did not think possible.
Learning or improving a language is therefore particularly useful for improving self-confidence and, consequently, self-esteem.
If you are fed up with celibacy, if you are coming out of a breakup, if you lack self-confidence, you need a goal that will bring you positive in your life.
So get started in learning a language. You are capable of it and when you progress little by little, you will be proud of yourself.
You will be more comfortable in the evenings, you will spend beautiful moments, you may be able to find love with this beautiful Australian and go to live in Australia,
you will be able to apply for positions which are not currently available to you.
In short, you will create countless opportunities and you have everything to gain.

How to learn or improve your English?

There are many ways to learn or improve your English. And there are also many face-to-face English schools and many online English courses.
Learn English to find love
I will give you the method which allowed me in a few months to reach 830/990 at TOEIC when I had a very average level.
My method is simple.
1) I subscribed to learnenglish online English lessons because it is the only fun application that allows you to improve your English without having the impression of working (read my article)
2) I read a book in English: Godfather (the godfather) because it improves his vocabulary and grammar intuitively, almost unconsciously.
I recommend an easy book (like Harry Potter) and the use of a dictionary for the first 100 pages,
as well as a notepad where you will write down the words that you did not know and that you will learn as you go. . 
Note:  only the words that come up 2 to 3 times. You don’t need to understand everything in the details.
3) I watched American series with English subtitles. I do not recommend the French subtitle because it is less effective. And if you don’t put subtitles at the start,
you risk being lost and giving up. I recommend a series like Friends because the accents of the actors are easier to understand and it’s a fun series.
With these 3 axes, you will quickly make progress in listening and understanding. For oral expression,
you will have to get started in the evenings. Or take English lessons with a teacher in person or online. 
I hope this article will help you create new opportunities in your life, and improve your self-confidence.
Now it’s your turn: do you speak English fluently and is it useful in your love or professional life? 
And if you speak little or no English, does that prevent you from realizing dreams or desires? Give your opinion below. Thank you.

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