What is love means

What is love means
What is love means

What is love means, How to recognize love? How do I know if I like it?

These are questions I have been asked recently. I answer it through this article.
What is love means ?
We all have our own definition of love. A definition that corresponds to our age, our personal development, our balance and / or our maturity in the field of romantic relationships .
Someone who begins their first love story will often associate love with love at first sight, passionate love , the heart that beats wildly.
Someone who has had many relationships and who knows a personal balance in his life, will have more perspective on his feelings. Love will therefore be for him or her, represented by the sharing of values, the respect of a personal space and the sharing of a common life objective.
Some people sometimes choose a definition that allows them to justify their actions and behaviors.
For What is love means example, someone with unhealthy jealousy and / or  Emotional dependence well justify their actions by the love they have for their partner. A sickly jealous person will no doubt say that we must do everything out of love for our partner.
Likewise, a man or woman who has low self-esteem will think that love is giving oneself completely to the other and forgetting oneself in the relationship.
In summary, our vision of love is closely linked to our emotional maturity .
There is no bad vision of love . On the other hand, but there are loves which are healthier than others.

Can we love someone we don’t know much?

What is love means
What is love means
What is love meansTo understand what love is, especially ”  true love “, you have to go back to what it is not.
It takes time to get to know someone, to really get to know them: their qualities, their faults, their specificities, their habits, their habits, etc.
We know someone when we live with him / her for a long time. You cannot really know someone without having lived with that person.
Those who have lived together know this.
We learn a lot from this experience which allows us to confront romantic love with love in real life: cleaning, washing, confronting our habits and our tics, living together in a small space where we have need some personal space,…
With time and cohabitation, we begin to learn more about the person we love. The more time passes, the more we get to know it.
At this point, we can appreciate our partner as he really is. Or else we can see that it is not really made for us. Or that we don’t really support who he is. Or else realize that he doesn’t respect us.
So it takes time to get to know someone.
Telling someone that you love them at the start of a relationship when you know almost nothing about them is not love.
We like his physique, we like his charm, we like his humor, we like his confidence, we like the way he treats us, we like his image…
But you can’t say you love him. Simply because we don’t really know him.
What is love means > Love is often confused with love .
The fact of being in love , of having our stomachs knotted during our first date, our first kiss, our first sexual embrace. The joy of receiving a message of fiery love.
It’s beautiful, it’s strong. You just have to keep in mind that it’s not really love.
Nothing unusual about that. I also lived these romantic moments when I lost my mind, and I appreciated them.
But it was not love.
On the other hand, you can quite start a story by being in love and gradually get to know and love the person with whom you are.

What is healthy love?

There is no wrong definition of love but there are practices of love that will make you suffer more than others.
If you dominate your partner or he dominates you, it is not a healthy love.
If you do not respect your partner or if he does not respect you, it means that you do not love yourself.
If you’re trying to Come back with an EX who doesn’t love you, it’s not love. It is a lack of love of who you are.
If you can’t do without your partner and suffocate them, it’s not love. It is a need for love.
We all need love but not at any cost. 

What is love?

What is love means
What is love means
So What is love means?
At a minimum, it is to love who she is , and to accept her as she is.
You can’t love someone you don’t know. And at the start of the relationship, we don’t know each other.
It takes years to really learn who that person is who we sleep with every night. You have to live together and get to know it,
If you think you love someone when you have known them for a few days, weeks or months, it is either that you like the feeling of loving , or that you like the image that it sends back to you on your value.
Walking with a very beautiful man or woman can be good for the ego. We can believe to love this person because his presence does us good.
While our love is unconsciously motivated by the gaze of others, or reassures us that we are of value and importance.
To love in a healthy and balanced way, you have to learn to love yourself outside of your relationship.
The secret to finding healthy and lasting love is to learn to love yourself and respect yourself.
But it is also to respect your partner and to show kindness and tolerance towards him and your differences.
What you experience in your love stories is a reflection of your vision of love.
There is no chance in love


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