where is onam celebrated

where is onam celebrated

where is onam celebrated : This year’s Onam festival started on August 22nd and will end on September 2nd. It is a ten-day celebration, with Thiruvonam, the most important day of Onam, falling on August 31. It is the harvest festival, and it commemorates the mythological demon King Mahabali’s return to his homeland. Let’s learn more about the Onam holiday, including why it’s held, how it’s celebrated, and what it means.

whyis onam celebrated:

where is onam celebrated
where is onam celebrated

Malayalis commemorate it during the month of Chingam, the first month in the Malayalam calendar, Kollavarsham, which is Kerala’s national festival.

Kerala’s Onam or Thiruvonam festival is held every year in the months of August and September. The event will take place in 2020, starting on August 22nd and ending on September 2nd.
Onam Festival Celebrations :
The Onam Festival is a Hindu festival held every year in the month of Onam.

where is onam celebrated

To welcome King Mahabali, people build a floral carpet known as ‘Pookkalam’ and spread it in front of their homes. Snake boat races, Onappottan, Kaazhchakkula, Puli Kali, Kaikottikkali, and other ancient ceremonies are followed by a spectacular feast known as ‘Sadhya.’ People dress up, make delicacies, and serve them with a cup of Payasam on banana leaves.

People also perform Onakalikal, a type of traditional dance, games, and music, at the event. The Onasadya dinner is a nine-course dinner that includes rice, sambar, rasam, avail, and other foods. They served on Thiruvonam, the primary festival day.
Onam festival 10 days are known as Atham, Chithira, Chodi, Vishakam, Anizham, Thriketa, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradom and Thiruvonam.

where is onam celebrated

Significance of Onam celebrations:

King Mahabali vanquished the Gods and began governing over all three planets, according to Vaishnava mythology. King Mahabali belonged to the Asura tribe and was a demon king. The people adored the kind-hearted king. The Gods became concerned about King Mahabali’s popularity, prompting Lord Vishnu to intervene and assist in Mahabali’s containment.
In the appearance of the Brahmin dwarf Vamana, Lord Vishnu paid a visit to King Mahabali in his fifth avatar. When King Mahabali asked Vamana what he wanted, he replied, “three pieces of land.” Vamana increased in size as his request was granted, and in his first and second paces, he covered the sky and then the netherworld, respectively.

King Mahabali donated his own head to Lord Vishnu as he was ready to take his third pace. Lord Vishnu was so moved by Mahabali’s conduct that he granted him the right to visit his kingdom and people every year during the Onam festival.

Rituals of Onam :

During the ten-day celebrations, devotees bathe, say prayers, dress traditionally (women wear a white and gold saree known as the Kasavu saree), watch dance performances, make flower rangolis known as pookkalam, and prepare traditional feasts known as sadya. During Onam, Sadya is served on banana leaves.

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People also participate in Vallam Kali boat races, Pulikali tiger dances, Onathappan worship, Tug of War, Thumbi Thullal or women’s dance ritual, Mask dance or Kummattikali, Onathallu or martial arts, Onavillu/music, Onapottan (costumes), folk songs, and other fun activities during the 10-day festival.

What is Onam?

Onam comes from the Sanskrit term Shravanam, which refers to one of the 27 Nakshatras (star constellations). Thiruvonam is the Nakshatra of Lord Vishnu, who pushed King Mahabali into the underworld with his foot, according to legend.

Onam Festival: History

Onam is a festival commemorating the return of Mahabali, a fabled demon king. Although Mahabali was a demon, he was known for his generosity and kindness. The gods were concerned about the popularity of the demon ruler and sought Lord Vishnu’s assistance. Because Mahabali adored Lord Vishnu, Vishnu promised the Gods that he would assist them but would not fight Mahabali.

Lord Vishnu disguised himself as Vamana, a poor dwarf Brahmin, and travelled to Mahabali’s realms, requesting three desires. He requested property rights over a plot of land measuring ‘three paces’ from Mahabali. Mahabali consented to grant Vamana’s request.

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Vamana began to increase in size, and his first and second foot covered the Earth and the sky, respectively. There was no space for the third feet, so Mahabali asked Vamana to place the third feet on his head, burying him in the underworld. However, after witnessing Mahabali’s dedication, Lord Vishnu was impressed and told him that he might visit his people and realm once a year at Onam. As a result, the Onam celebration is held every year around this time.

Onam festival Events :

Pookkalam: People create various patterns with flowers and place them in front of their homes. During the Onam celebration, a fresh layer of flowers is placed to the Pookkalam with each passing day. Pookkalam contests are held in various regions as well.

Onasadya: On the major day, Thiruonam, a feast is made and served on a banana leaf called Onasadya. It’s a nine-part feast with at least four to five vegetables in each dish. For the Onasadya, most families prepare nine to thirteen meals. Several eateries in the area provide up to 30 different Onasadya meals.

where is onam celebrated

Onakalikal: All the games played at the Onam festival are referred to as Onakalikal. Men’s favourite game is Talappanthukali, which is played with a ball. Men can also participate in archery or Ambeyyal. Pookkalam is made by women, and they also perform many traditional dances.

The snake boat race is also known as the Vallamkali Boat Race. Approximately 100 boatmen engage in a boat riding competition. This is the most well-known among the locals. The boats are tastefully painted in various styles. Several people travel to the city to watch the event.
The Elephant Procession is the Onam’s most anticipated event. Flowers, jewels, and metals are used to decorate an elephant. Elephants dance and engage with people by making subtle motions. In addition, the elephant is required to do a full circuit of Thrissur, where the parade is held.

Women perform folk dances, which is another popular attraction at the festival. Kaikottikali is a female-only clap dance. They honour King Mahabali while dancing. Thumbi Thullai is a dance in which they dance in a circle.

So, now you know what the Onam festival is all about and how it’s celebrated.


where is onam celebrated

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