Why is diwali celebrated

Why is diwali celebrated

Why is diwali celebrated
Why is diwali celebrated

Why is diwali celebrated, the festival of lights, is a major festival in India. Regarding this, you will find different practices in different cities and villages across India. Sometimes there is a practice of planting raw soil and somewhere there is a practice of beating soup. The practice of changing the book is worship of Shriyantra. Also, one practice that is very popular is the practice of gambling. Let us know why and when the practice of gambling started. Before that, learn about many more practices, this is the biggest festival of Hinduism. deepawali festival is celebrated every year in (October,  November)

1. Shriram returned to Ayodhya

 The religious text Ramayana states that there was a festive atmosphere in Ayodhya when 14-year exile king Rama returned to Ayodhya after slaying King Ravan of Lanka and rescued Sita from the clutches of Ravan. The people of Ayodhya decorated Ayodhya with innumerable lamps in the happiness of Rama Lakshman and Sita and returned back to Ayodhya. In the joy of his master’s arrival, the city of Ayodhya was bathed in the light of Deepo. (Why is diwali celebrated )

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2. Why do you gamble?

Gambling is also played somewhere on Deepawali. Its main goal is to test the fate of the year. This practice is also associated with the gaming context of Lord Shankar and Parvati, in which Lord Shankar was defeated.

3. The festival of is the main festival of Hindus. Hinduism is a major religion in India and is considered to be the oldest religion in the world.

5. Diwali is celebrated every year on the fifteenth day of Kartik month.

6. Slaughter of Narakasura

 Lord Krishna killed Narakasura a day before Diwali. Narakasura was a demon and stricken with all the three worlds. The king of heaven, Indra was defeated. Distressed by this, Indra went to Shri Krishna and sought help from Shri Krishna. Sri Krishna challenged Narakasura to battle and defeated him. From there, Krishna rescued 16000 girls from their clutches. That is why the festival of Deepawaliis celebrated as a symbol of the victory of good over evil.

diwali festival essay

7.  Around 800 million people celebrate this festival in various ways.

8.  This festival is celebrated in honor of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

9. Bookkeeping changes the day after Diwali

On the second day of Deepawali, traders replace their old books. They worship Lakshmi at shops. They believe that by doing this, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, will have special kindness on them.

10. The word Diwali in Hindi means “light of lamp”.

11. The festival of Deepawali signifies the victory of light over darkness.

12. The festival of Deepawali is the biggest and famous festival of India and it is celebrated for five days.

13. Origin of Maa Laxmi

Samudra churning was done by the Gods and Asuras at Kshirsagar and on the day of Diwali, Maa Lakshmi originated from the churning of the ocean. After birth, Maa Lakshmi blessed the whole world with happiness and prosperity. Therefore, there is a tradition of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi on Deepawali. It is believed that she pleases the devotees by performing pooja with full shraddha.

14. The festival of Deepawali is celebrated with great enthusiasm in addition to India in Trinidad and Tobago, Myanmar, Nepal, Mauritius, Guyana, Singapore, Suriname, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Fiji.

15. Why Diwali is special for farmers

Diwali  festival has special significance for the farming class. After the kharif crop is ripe and ready, the farmers’ barns become rich. The peasant society celebrates this festival of its prosperity with gaiety.

16. The word Diwali is derived from two Sanskrit words ‘Deep’ which means ‘Diya’ and ‘Avali’ which means ‘Rekha’.

17.  Diwali is associated with the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. People give up their bad habits and adopt good habits on this day.

18. Shubh Deepavali  is a famous greeting card of Diwali. This means, “Happy Diwali“.

19. In some places in India, Diwali is also considered as the beginning of the new year.

20. Bengal has a unique trend

The belief behind the practice of fireworks on Deepawaliis that fathers’ night begins on Deepawali-Amavasya. Somewhere they do not go astray, so lights have been arranged for them in this way. This practice is particularly common in Bengal.

21.  Deepawali festivalbrings happiness and blessings.

22.  The festival of Deepawali also indicates the arrival of winter after the rainy season.

23.  The festival of Diwali is celebrated for 5 days, in which Dhanteras is celebrated on the first day of Diwali, Chhoti Diwali on the second day, Lakshmi Puja on the third day, Govardhan Puja on the fourth day and Bhaiya Dooj on the fifth day.

24.  In Orissa and West Bengal, Hindus worship Kali instead of Lakshmi Mata and this festival is called Kali Puja.

25. Beat the Soup

The Brahmabela of the night, that is, at four AM, the ladies take the trash in the old soup and discard it and beat it.. The meaning of beating the soup is that Laxmiji is inhabited from 26. today. Sorrow must be the apocalypse of poverty. Then the women come home and say this house is spoiled. Hey Lakshmi! You stay fearless here.

27. The recognition of Christmas in Western countries is similar to Diwali in India.

28. The festival of Deepawali is also known for pollution.

29. Deepawali fireworks increase the risk of respiratory disease, heart attack, high blood pressure.

30. Children suffer a lot from Diwali. Many children burn firecrackers when a fire breaks out.

31. Sikh Diwali

Deepawali is also important for Sikhs as the base year of the establishment of the Golden Temple in Amritsar was 1577. Additionally, upon the arrival of Diwali in 1619, the 6th Sikh Guru Hargobind Singh Ji was delivered from jail.

32.  65% injuries have been found in crackers called pomegranates.

33. About one billion dollars is spent on firecrackers in Deepawali. This money can also be used for education and better health facilities.

34. Lord Krishna went to graze for the first time – It is believed that on the day of Kartik Amavasya, Lord Krishnawent to graze with Gwal Baal for the first time. On returning in the evening Gokulwasi welcomed him by lighting a lamp.

35. On the day of Diwali, the king of Ayodhya, Rama returned to Ayodhya after killing the tyrannical king Ravan. This festival is celebrated after 14 years of Lord Rama and Mother Sitacoming to their home.

36. Lord Krishna devotees believe that Lord Krishna killed the tyrannical King Narakasura on this day.

37. According to mythological stories, on the day of Diwali, Lord Vishnu took the form of Narasimha and killed Hiranyakashipu.

38.  According to Jainism, Mahavir Swami’s Nirvana Day is Deepawali. The Jains celebrate the festival of lights to mark the attainment of salvation by Mahavira.

39. New Year in Nepal Today

This festival is very good for Nepalese as the new year begins in Nepal Samvat from this day.

Different states of India, different forms of Deepawali

Diwali of Rajasthan – There is a tradition of worshiping weapons on the land of Rajasthan called Veer Bhoomi. Arms are worshiped at home and armament skills are performed in most places. In some parts of Rajasthan, the cat is considered a form of Lakshmi. After the puja, the cat is fed the first prasad of sweets. On this day, even if the cat is harmed, it does not kill her either.

Why is diwali celebrated:

Diwali of Himachal – After one month of Deepavali in Himachal, we celebrate Diwali on one side which is called Budhi Deepavali. It is said that when Lord Shri Ram Vijayopant returned to Ayodhya, the whole country got the news that Kartik Amavasya is celebrated Diwali across the country, but Himachalites got news after one month, there was money for one Diwali after another. . , So most parts of this place are here after a month. It is a custom to celebrate old Diwali.

Why is diwali celebrated

Diwali of Maharashtra – Lakshmi and Ganesh are worshiped on Diwali in Maharashtra, where Yama Puja is also famous. Yamaraja is worshiped and a lamp is given to him. In some places, Bali, the king of demons, is also worshiped.

Diwali of West Bengal – Durga Puja is the major festival of West Bengal. Here Mahakali is worshiped in most of the houses on Deepawali. On this day, the youth of Bengal lit a lamp at night and drifted into the river. It is believed that the woman whose lamp will keep burning, when her oil does not come out, then that woman will get happiness, peace and prosperity that year.

Diwali of Madhya Pradesh – Before Diwali Puja in Madhya Pradesh, ladies brighten the house and adorn themselves. King Bali is also worshiped here.

Diwali of Gujarat – Shakti Puja is performed on Diwali in Gujarat with Lakshmi Puja. Purchasing and selling salt in Gujarat is viewed as favorable on this day. The women here decorate the house with raw utensils, flour and rice.

Diwali in Uttar Pradesh – Deepawali is celebrated in Vedic customs in Uttar Pradesh. Temples are specially decorated on this day. Weapons are worshiped here. In addition to Lakshmi Ganesh, Hanuman, Rama Shri Krishna is also worshiped. In Uttaranchal, women decorate Rangoli in homes.

Diwali of Karnataka – In Karnataka people perform Lakshmipujaas well as Prithvi Puja. They worship the earth in joy of the new crop to come. On this day, people bathe with boiled feces on the body. The story of Narakasura slaughter is told and heard during the procession.

Diwali of Goa – Deepawali festival in Goa starts with the squares of hell. The houses here are decorated with candles, mango leaves and candles. The people there celebrate this festival with poha and various sweets.

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