Working Women’s Day: 10 Good Phrases to Wish

Working Women’s Day: 10 Good Phrases to Wish

Working Women's Day: 10 Good Phrases to Wish
Working Women’s Day: 10 Good Phrases to Wish
Working Women’s Day

March 8 is the day chosen to demand a just, equal and equitable society between men and women.

On March 8, the Day of the Working Woman is celebrated, also known as the Day of the Working Woman, despite the fact that it is a celebration time for the entire group – whether they have a job or not. During this day, an egalitarian society is claimed and the role of the woman is sought to occupy a level that matches her in terms of equity. Countries like Russia, China or Bulgaria celebrate this day and declare it non-working day, many of which distribute gifts among women. If you are one of those people who want to continue a tradition that pays tribute to all the women of the world, then look for these phrases to congratulate them on their day.
Neither card nor congratulations: This is the true origin of Women’s Day
Mother, wife, daughter, partner, neighbor, grandmother, sister… Thank you all for filling the world with light and happiness.
My most sincere love is persistent and brave. You are a role model.
8 March is the day that reminds us how important women are during all moments of our lives. Congratulations on your day!
A few good words to thank you for all you do to make life easier for all of us. What would become of us without you!

Happy working women day.

That you keep fighting to achieve your dreams as you have done till now.
International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March
A great woman has crossed my path to make my life the path of roses. Congratulations on your day!
This gender equality and social equity is a continuation in your life. happy women’s Day!
If we do not support each other, we will never be able to achieve our goals. Trust all my support. Thanks to all the ladies!
Today is your day, so enjoy it. Thank you for the way you are!
The woman not only deserves a day to honor him, but a whole life for loving him.

Fight for gender equality

An activist, actress Emma Watson, agent 007 herself, Honoré de Balzac … The fight against gender discrimination has attracted the attention of famous names throughout history. International Women’s Day is the best time to recover some famous phrases on gender equality that have been recognized worldwide. These are 25 of them.

Working Women’s Day

The penis is between the ears and not the legs.” Chez Bono, activist.
Being free is not only getting rid of your own chains, but living in a way that honors and improves the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela, activist and former President of South Africa.
Before God, we are all equally intelligent and equally foolish.” Albert Einstein, Scientist.
If one considers himself to be limited by his gender, race or origin, he will become more limited.” Carly Fiorena, American politician and president of the non-profit organization Good360.
Not all citizens of a state can be equally powerful, but they should be equally independent.” Century Voltaire, historian and philosopher born in the late seventeenth century.
Implementing sexual violence as a “women’s issue” is part of the problem. This excuses large numbers of men from not paying proper attention. “Jackson Katz, American Activist.
Privilege is the greatest enemy of the law.” Austrian writer Marie von Ebner-Eichenbach, born in the 19th century.

I cannot say whether women are better than men.

However, I can say without hesitation that they are not worse.” Golda Mir, Israel’s first female minister born in 1898.
Women with good behavior rarely make history.” Eleanor Roosevelt, activist and first lady of the United States during the Franklin Roosevelt Government.
I call myself ‘Feminist Man’. Isn’t it that you fight someone for women’s rights? Dalai Lama, Buddhist leader.
All men should be feminists. If men care about women’s rights, the world will be a better place. We are better when women are empowered: it creates a better society.” John Legend, American singer.
I do not want women to hold power over men, but over themselves.” Mary Wollastoncraft, 18th century English philosopher and author.
Your chromosomes should not be organized to know if you can do the job or not.” Bella Abzug, American politician born in 1920.
Women’s equality should be a central component in any effort to solve social, economic and political problems.” Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General.
Those two sexes are not superior or inferior to each other. They are simply different.” Gregorio Maranone, doctor, writer and thinker who died in 1960.
Fighting for the rights of women often makes us synonymous with how we hate men. I only know one thing is certain: We need to stop these thoughts. 1990-born Hollywood actress Emma Watson.
Our people believe that earning money and giving orders are the basis of power. They do not believe that power is in the hands of a woman who cares for everyone throughout the day and gives birth. Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist.
Women account for two-thirds of the work done worldwide and yet they earn only 10% of total income and only 1% of assets… So, are we the same? We cannot stop wondering until the answer is yes. “Daniel Craig, lead actor in ‘Spector 007′”.
Equality may be an authority, but there is no human power that can ever turn it into fact. ”Indian author Asif ansari, born in 1799.
When women have power, they make the lives of all those around them better. ”Prince Henry, grandson of Elizabeth II of England.
Where someone fights for their dignity, for equality, to be free… Look at that in sight. ”Bruce Springsteen, singer.
Equality will come when a foolish woman can go on as a foolish person to this day. ”Estella Ramey, psychologist, endocrine and feminist born in 1917.
I do not say that everyone is equal in their ability, character, or motivations, but I affirm that they must be equal in their character, their motivation, and the opportunity to develop their abilities. “John F. Kennedy, Former President of the United States.
I want for myself what I want for other women: absolute equality “. Agnes McPhail, the first woman to vote to join Canada’s House of Commons.
Raise the flag of equality, ladies! Fight for your rights and trust my loyal support! “Louisa May Allcott is the author of the novel ‘Little Woman’

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